Take Up Your Cross

Last week I wrote about two men, John Leonard Dober and David Nitschman, who literally sold themselves into the service of our King. These men gave up everything, never really expecting to see their friends or family again, to share the truth of Christ among a foreign people in a foreign land. The Lord has used the example of these men, and Matt Pappa’s song “The Reward of His Suffering” to spur us on to what he is calling us to in life. You can read this blog post here. Consider this the second part of “Our Conviction” series. Continue reading “Take Up Your Cross”

The Reward of His Suffering

This post has been stewing for awhile… a long while! The video below has been quite an inspiration to us and we still get teary-eyed when we listen to it! We first watched this several years ago, and then recently Brett reminded me of it and mentioned he had some thoughts stirring in his head. So of course I asked him to write them all out for a blog post! Thanks sweetheart for taking the time to put your thoughts together in order to share with everyone!

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A prayer for faithfulness

A wave of gratitude swept over me on Sunday afternoon. There we stood before a congregation of believers and not just any congregation… it was OUR congregation, OUR family of fellow Jesus lovers seeking to make disciples. As we shared about the journey God is leading us on, all eyes were on us and all ears were listening intently. We have such great gratitude for this group of people who have loved us and cared for us so well and continue to do so as we look toward the next chapter of our lives. Continue reading “A prayer for faithfulness”

Goodbyes are Hard

Goodbyes are Hard. And we find ourselves in a season of goodbyes. Maybe you, too, are in a season of goodbyes? Maybe it’s the last day of school or you just recently graduated? Perhaps you are moving soon. Have you recently lost a loved one or a beloved pet? Maybe you are taking a trip somewhere. Life always brings goodbyes and whether you’re a four year old sad to leave a playdate with friends or whether you’re holding the hand of your grandfather as he passes away… goodbyes are HARD!

And that’s okay!

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The Team

Let me introduce our team…

-they are Jesus lovers, cheerful givers, humble helpers, faithful prayer warriors, consistent friends, loving family, encouraging supporters, ministry partners.

-they are learning about Romania, anticipating God’s work in the life of all those involved with this mission, hearing about the life of the gypsies, sharing their hearts for the gospel to go forth, exploring how God wants them to be involved in this ministry, loving people all around them, and asking about the life and culture in Romania.

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