And so it begins…

Our “official” journey to Romania is underway. We’ve order the last of our 5 needed passports. Our budget is (flexibly) set and we are beginning the support raising process. Pretty soon we will be official on the Belief In Motion website and from there we just take off!! I guess you can say we are “on our way.”

With all the changes that are about to be happening, I forget to update people along the way. In all reality things are happening so quick it’s even hard for us to keep up sometimes, but we are so thrilled at the work that God is doing. Everyday we see new ways that he is confirming this call. It’s a joy to walk this journey and I hope you are encouraged to follow where the Lord leads you as well!


Over the last 7 years, we have felt more and more compelled to follow God’s leading to go overseas to share the true gospel of Christ. It’s evident in scripture that God has a compassionate heart for the poor, the widows, the orphans, and the oppressed. Even when we were dating, it was evident that God had given Brett and I a similar desire which includes an overwhelming longing to live and serve among these people.

Working at Camp Barnabas gave us an appreciation for serving those who are often times unable to help themselves. One of thearliest memories I have of Brett is when he would come sit at our table during lunch to help feed a 12 yr old girl with Cerebral Palsy who was unable to get a fork to her mouth using her own hands. Joy exuded from Brett through his wonderful smile each time he had the opportunity to feed this sweet camper of mine. These are the moments we live for. These are the moments we desire more!


Over the course of our last eight years together, the Lord has been knitting our hearts closer together in regards to missions. Through reading books, attending missions conferences, and growing in our understanding of the great commission, we are compelled to give our lives for the sake of the Gospel of Christ. As we’ve looked into other opportunities, we’ve always felt a peace knowing they “weren’t the right fit.” Although we had been longing to find just the right place, it wasn’t happening. So about two years ago (spring 2015), we were encouraged by our pastor to consider not just WHO we would serve or WHERE the Lord would be leading us, but instead consider WHAT we might do and HOW God had created us. So we began to dream. The list included: sharing the gospel, a rural lifestyle, helping those who can’t help themselves (for societal reasons), serving with our hands and feet, possibly able to use medical skills but not solely medical missions, opportunity to learn about entrepreneurial endeavors, and a team to learn from and live with.

Later that summer, our friend Nicki returned from serving with Belief in Motion in Romania. She shared about what the team there was involved with, what life was like, and how the gospel was being spread to the least of these. Our hearts were stirred! Afterwards we talked on the way home and simply said “why not”? And then a few other people contacted us saying “Have you guys considered partnering with Nicki in Romania?”


From there we began praying, asking questions and even visiting. Brett took a trip in Dec of 2015 to scope out the ministry. On the way over to Romania, he sensed a confirmation from God. Sitting on the plane, he distinctly felt God saying “now’s the time”! Is it a coincidence he heard those words while on his way to Romania… we think NOT! God delights in leading His children and this felt like the closest thing to having our hands held and God’s leading us through an open door!

Since that time, the Lord has continued to affirm His calling on our lives in various ways.

  • Specific needs BIM has that our giftings would fill
  • Unexpected financial blessings
  • Seller’s market when we are ready to sell our house
  • Friends in need of new household objects when we are ready to move so we can pass our on to them
  • Timeline aligning in ways we would not have expected
  • Excitement and support from a wide community
  • Our girls are eager to go back to Romania!
  • God has granted us a continual peace and unity throughout the process

Some may see these as insignificant or unrelated, but to us they are continual confirmations. We recognize God has orchestrated all these because they are beyond our control! We receive His gifts with grateful hearts!



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