Rekindle the Fire

If any of you are like us… life is busy. We always long for more TIME. I’m coming to realize that God has given us the exact amount of time we need. So instead of wishing for more, I’m trying to prioritize the time we have. We can’t create more time, rather God has given us the responsibility to steward our time well. Somehow I just started ranting about time and I digress…

Really this is about “rekindling the fire” or maybe “dating your mate” or maybe simply “love one another.” However you want to put it, it’s about making the TIME for each other… even when it seems like there is NO time.

As you may know Brett and I are in a busy season, but when is it ever a SLOW season? Am I right? Maybe you find yourself in a busy season (ALL the time) as well. I’m here to say it’s hard, but important to make the time to rekindle the fire between you and your spouse. Let me just preface this by saying Brett’s current work schedule puts him home after 8p three nights a week and our other nights seem to fill up with small group, meetings with people, or family time. When we do try to find a babysitter, it takes an average of 5 phone calls before we find someone available. So, needless to say, we don’t get out much. Sound familiar?

We’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day gifts or crazy fancy dinners. Usually when the 14th of February rolls around it’s just a good reminder that we should go on a date soon. Sometimes I make a dessert at home… but this year we were on the Whole30 when Valentine’s Day came around. So I knew a date out wasn’t really an option since we were following strict food guidelines. I knew Brett would be home after the girls would be in bed. But I still wanted to do something special (maybe it was just an excuse to eat something sweet on the Whole 30 😉

So I inaugurated “Date Nights at Home.” Any night like this in the past would simply include brownies, ice cream and a movie after the littles had gone to bed. But lets be honest and say we haven’t had one of those nights in FAR too long. But again, considering we were on the Whole30, I had to be a little creative. So I hopped on pinterest and searched for Whole30 approved desserts (an oxymoron, I know, but it was Valentine’s day!). I couldn’t decide between two so I loaded up the girls in the car (earlier in the day) and we bought the ingredients for both! I would let Brett decide after a little game of “Would You Rather.”


After a quick online search for “Would You Rather” questions, I had our first activity planned. We answered these Date Night questions while he finished his dinner. And then I popped the question… Would you rather make a dessert with the ingredients in this box or this jar? When he saw the peaches, it was a no-brainer. He loves peaches! We followed this simple recipe and it was delicious!! Good choice Brett!

But I had purchased the dates for this second recipe and just couldn’t resist the raspberries… so we made both desserts! Considering they were simple recipes with just 4-5 ingredients each, we made them in 10 mins or less (and ate them even quicker!!) I do have to confess both of us felt the affects of all the sweetness after eating them.

To add to the sweetness of our evening, we spent a few mins to record “our story” in an interview form. You know, a simple selfie video recounting how we met and when we fell in love! Awww, so sweet! I’m sure our kids will enjoy finding that jewel some day! 😉

We topped the night with a cherry on top by dancing to “our song” and reminiscing about our wedding! What a joy it was to remember US and treasure these moments even in the midst of a busy life.


Since then, I’ve tried making it a weekly routine to plan a date. They usually only last 30 mins (only 5 mins to plan) and I’ve determined they can’t require a TON of mental energy as we are both exhausted by the end of the day! But it’s been so worth it! If you’re married, I encourage you to try a few of these ideas too. Or maybe not these, but something that works for you.  Most importantly just prioritize the people you love and make moments to treasure even in the midst of all the crazy.

Date Night #2- Cut up the Date Questions and stick in a bowl. Take turns drawing questions to learn more about each. Each take turns answering. The last one could include a fun activity of your choice… I’ll let your imagination do the rest 😉

Date Night #3- Sort through old books (we’re in the process of getting ready to move and sell all the things, so it was a two-in-one activity). Ask these questions to walk down memory lane and learn more about each other.

And when the fun, sunshiny, get-away-in-the-middle-of-the-day moments come you JUMP on it and have fun at the local taco shop for lunch (sweaty clothes, messy hair and all)!


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