Belief in Motion in Romania

God is faithful. We have seen his work in our lives as we have prayed for direction over the last several years. In 2011, we really began praying about where God would have us serve long term. We attended a few conferences, chatted with numerous people about different organizations and even visited several options, but never felt completely at peace with any one option. Along the process, we’ve been asked “what people group do you want to live among?” And “is there a country/culture you feel called to?” After a few years of no clear answers to these questions, we were encouraged by our pastor to begin asking the question “what giftings has God equipped you with?” and “what type of setting would you function well in?”

In 2014, our good friend Nicki came home after spending a summer in Romania. She shared with us about the work Belief in Motion is doing to change lives physically and spiritually! Our hearts were drawn to the primary focus of gospel centered relationships along with the empowering work of education, job creation, and faithful compassion among the least of these. Read on to discover a little more about Belief in Motion.


Belief in Motion

Belief in Motion was founded by Aaron and Robin Bruski. They followed God’s call on their lives and moved to Romania in 2005 after realizing the American dream was not eternally rewarding. Along with their 5 children, they began working among the physically and spiritually poor of Romania. Now, almost 12 years later, they and three of their grown children continue to serve the “least of these” through  several established programs in Sintelec, Romania.

Belief in Motion exists to glorify God by initiating purposeful relationships to share Christ, anticipating the Holy Spirit’s drawing to impact souls for eternity, and igniting a passion in individuals to live unto the Lord alone.

Belief in Motion can be described by six E’s:

  • Evangelizing- sharing the true gospel among the Romanian and Roma people
  • Educating- teaching children skills to achieve a lifetime of learning
  • Encompassing- offering work for food programs and mercy ministries
  • Embracing- caring for the orphans, widows, and special needs
  • Establishing- providing safe homes for orphans and effective infrastructure for village homes
  • Empowering- creating educational and vocational opportunities for adults

Visit the Belief in Motion website to learn more about the work God is already doing in Romania.


Why Romania?

The Gospel is the only hope and it is the hope that Belief in Motion wants to bring to the people of Romania.

The effects of communism are still evident even after over 25 years since its fall. During communism, babies were abandoned and lived in horrific environments, basics such as food and water were rationed by the government  and the orthodox religion was forced on all. The oppression still exist today as the people are unable to related to one another, unclaimed for the limited available jobs, and unread with the true Gospel in Christ along.

This oppression exists amongst the Romanian and Roma people. However the Roma people also referred to as the gypsies face an additional barrier- racism. With a noticeable darker complexion and no homespun, the Roma are consistently discriminated against forcing many to turn to pegging, stealing, prostitution, and worse.

The healing available through Christ and an enteral hope is nonexistent among most in Romania. The Romas have roots in witchcraft and mystical spirits and the older Romanians hold fast to the Orthodox traditions that teach works and money through a priest as the way to God. Much of the younger generation is turned off to religion all together. Most sources states on 1-6 % of the country as having a saving faith in Christ and the Roma are considered an unreached people group. Belief in Motion has answered God’s call to take His gospel to the nation of Romania.

From the Belief in Motion website


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