family funday

Our hearts truly long to spend time as a family. It’s a real treasure. We LOVE going on adventures together. Playing outdoors. Seeing new places. Visiting new parks. Trying new restaurants. Whatever it is… we LOVE doing it together! And so we trust the upcoming months/years will be a joy and our love for each other will continue to grow.

Family exercise time

But this is a busy season in life and it will only get more hectic as we prepare to leave for Romania. Between meeting with ministry partners, packing boxes, and prepping in various other ways, just as the days get longer they will also get busier. It’s a sweet reminder that God has purpose for each season we experience. And as such, we want to be faithful in completing the tasks set before us with joyful hearts. We know there are house projects to be completed, computer work to be finished, and various other ways to prepare, but above all we want to treasure our family time. Our girls need to know they are loved, treasured, and enjoyed.

Family hike at Shawnee Mission Park

Of course I bounce back and forth between “check list extraordinaire” while my kids watch Planet Earth and “soak up every moment with them” while the laundry sits for days! I’m learning to ask God “what do you have for me today?” I know I need to be productive and getting things done (there’s SO MUCH to do… if you’ve ever moved I’m sure you know this better than I do). But if I accomplish the check list and never cherish the time with my kids, we are worse off for it. My children know when they are not my priority. My children know when they are just being managed so I can get my tasks done. And they feel it. And so does Brett. And so do I. Our family suffers when I get on the ‘productive train.’ img_6918What a joy it is to spend the time necessary to build the relationships, to build the memories we all desire. Sure, the growth of relationships also happens in the day to day ongoings at home, but these sweet times adventuring together definitely strengthens the bonds already formed.

Check out that hair!
Family run

We’re learning in this process. Some weeks we get it right, by the grace of God. We prioritize family time and we experience the joyful hearts that follow. Other weeks we cram in as much as is humanly possible to cross off more on our checklist… and we all struggle. Selfish thoughts. Grumpy hearts. Tasks are even harder to accomplish when we run on empty tanks.

Zoo trip
Beautiful morning at the zoo

We must learn to do both. As we go forward, we’re hoping to schedule family fun days and even family rest days… knowing we need both. We need to trust that God has given us just the right amount of time to get ready… pack our belongings, accomplish ALL the tasks, make time to see people, and also have fun and rest. We pray for wisdom in the scheduling of our time, we pray for efficiency in our work, we pray for joy on our family fun days, we pray for rejuvenation on our rest days and we pray for togetherness through it all!

Breakfast on the Go… girls eat, we exercise!

May we rest knowing the Lord will grant us exactly what we need as we move forward in this journey. Everyday is marked out according to his will. May we wake each morning asking God what he has for us today and then be faithful to accomplish all that he has called us to… worshipping God, loving our family, caring for our neighbors, sharing the gospel, and all the other various tasks that need to be done (and prioritize in that order)!   I pray Brett and I will be examples to our children in how we submit to the Father’s will and rest in his provision for us!

Anna keeping the plants company on our family & friends work day! 
Mikayla diging the holes!

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