On the Regular

It’s fun getting to know the people behind the writing, right? Many of you probably know me personally as you might be following along to learn about our journey to Romania… but here’s a chance to get to know a little more about our daily life. What are my go-tos? What do I grab when I need ____? And, what do I use every day, on the regular? Let’s just go in order of how I usually start my day:

I got a new a Bible earlier this year as my study Bible from my high school days was falling apart. That’s a good thing, right? Pages were coming out regularly and it was becoming frustrating trying to flip back and forth to different passages. So I decided before we travel, I should replace it and this is what I choose. I’m not usually one to pick the fun colors when buying new items, but it was on sale and now I’m kinda loving the color!! I choose the NIV study Bible because that’s what I had previously been using and currently my BSF lessons also use the NIV. I like having different versions available to reference and I already have a small ESV bible that I carry in the diaper bag for church and small group as that’s what we use most regularly. So it’s great to have a variety of versions and something about this one appealed to me over the ESV. A few highlights: it has some helpful color pictures, easy to read single column text, and doctrinally sound study resources at the back. Best part: it’s God’s true word useful for teaching my heart on a daily basis and instructing the way I live… and it’s NOT falling apart!

Since starting the Whole30 back in February, my appreciation for coconut EVERYTHING has grown (I used to not be a big fan at all). Anyway, I start my morning with half a cup of coffee which increases to a full cup once I add in my Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Milk! Guys… it’s changed the way I do coffee.  I used to get the regular refrigerated hazelnut creamer that probably had high fructose corn syrup as it’s number one ingredient… yikes! While on the Whole30 I just used a few scoops of the canned coconut milk, but now that we’ve got a little more freedom I switched to the vanilla flavored milk and it’s just GOOD! Also, a new fav snack around here is coconut chips, pecans and strawberries. Mix em up and thank me later! And a lot of meals have began with a little coconut oil… last night’s included coconut oil (add and/or replace with avocado or olive oil if you’d like) on diced sweet potatoes with salt and pepper. Bake for 45 mins at 350* and you’ve got an amazing side dish! Again, you’ll thank me later!

Anyone else want to admit with me that we don’t drink enough water? I try, I really try. But somedays I just can’t get enough in me. But each morning I fill it up when I make my coffee. I’ve tried various things to try and get me to drink more and every season or even activity requires a different approach. You gotta find out what works for you for each day, as crazy as that sounds. In this season, I’m home most days and so my new go to water cup is a Yeti, filled with 4 cubes of ice… yes exactly 4 from a ice cube tray. I like the stainless steel because I can add essentials oils to it if I’m feeling up for it, but also it keeps it cold longer which… duh! I used to use the glass water bottle but it’s been sitting on the shelf ever since little hands began picking it up too frequently, but it’s another great option if you’re wanting to add oils! And in other seasons, I have used the Camelback with straw to encourage more sips and I could throw it in my bag when traveling/walking a lot to and from work or school. When I fly or otherwise have limited space, I’m all about the miniature Nalgene and it does not build up pressure on a plane the same as the Camelback with flip straw. And for the girls… their Nalgene water bottles are filled up every evening and sit in the fridge to be chilled over night! And guys- they NEVER spill!

If you don’t already, you should get some thieves in your life. Hopefully you know that I am talking about the essential oil. You know the kind that everyone is raving about! Thieves is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary and it smells so good! But aside from it’s smell it also has so many wonderful uses. I was thinking about what I used regularly while I was washing my hands one day and I was like “of course… thieves.” It has snuck into every aspect of our home because it’s just that good!  And of course I wanted to let you in on the awesomeness of thieves. Take a look at all the ways I use thieves on a regular basis…. hand soap, laundry soap, sore throat tea, fruit and veggie spray, all purpose cleaner, diffuse to keep the germs at bay, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, cough drops, cold sore mix, and many more. It’s like the powerhouse of oils designed for cleaning our homes and empowering our health with a little spicy aroma.

Have you ever heard of the capsule closet concept? I hadn’t until recently… but essentially you keep a very functional, minimal wardrobe where you can interchange items to make a variety of outfits. Well here’s my take on it…. buy quality tee shirts that support a good cause and then layer with a cardigan of choice. It makes for a comfortable attire for this stay at home mom who usually only ventures to bible study and play dates. So consider this my everyday wear. But soon I’ll be working on compiling 2-3 outfits I can wear to meetings or church. I’ve got to “up my game” in that category, but shopping for myself and spending money are two of my LEAST favorite things. So if you have any recommendations let me know! I like cheap, versatile, and comfortable! Doesn’t everyone! As far as my “good cause” shirts… (learn more by clicking on the links). Team Meredith… my good friend is raising funds for research about desmoid tumors. A “Heart KC” shirt from Charlie Hustle to help us remember our days in Kansas City! Speaking of, the Freely Given Movement supports local KC families going through an unexpected crisis (often medical). And in a little r!kc love and a shout out to the Rehab Institute where I have worked as an OT over the past few years. C>c shirt brings awareness that Christ is over cancer in memory of Kelsey Kennedy.

Okay so this post is getting a little too long, but I’m having too much fun… so maybe I should save the rest for another post! I say maybe because let’s be honest… who knows if it’ll mean as much when I come back to write the next one. But let’s consider this TBC… but in the meantime, I’d love to hear from you. What do you use on a regular basis?


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