On The Road

Here we are driving down the road, Veggie Tales playing in the background and I have a few moments to think about all the people that have loved us and supported us over the years. Our histories span between south Texas to Arkansas, from Kansas around the world and back to Kansas again. Our story began in Missouri and has continued these past several years in Kansas. We’ve got friends and family scattered from east to west and everywhere in between. Pretty much every continent (except Antarctica) is home to a family member or a friend. And here we are visiting several of you on our route from Kansas to south Texas. Some places we’ve stopped for a week and others just a few hours, but we are finding contentment knowing we are with family and friends.

All that to say, we are learning that “home” is where our family is. And ultimately home is not found this side of heaven. All of us yearn for the security of home, for the familiar, the safe, and the comfort that home brings. And don’t get me wrong… it can be weary living out of your suitcase remembering where you put everything, sleeping in new beds, and getting used to new things each day. And the reality is a few of us have had runny noses and a virus, some of us have fallen down stairs and gotten bruises, and we’ve all had to adapt to changes in temperatures. But despite the fact that we are homeless and living out of a suitcase, we are at peace and finding joy spending time with each of you and with each other!

The past few weeks have been pretty busy but they have also been such a blessing to us as well! We left our house on June 16th for the last time and began our travels to Camp Barnabas on the Lake on June 17th! We spent a week enjoying camp as a family and Brett was privileged to be the Camp Guest Speaker for the week which means each evening he shared the gospel through the story of Jonah with the staff, volunteers and campers. He also had the opportunity to speak at the staff meetings to encourage them to read the Word and stay in prayer despite the weariness that comes with being a camp counselor. After a week of camp at the lake, we enjoyed a reunion with old staffers at the original location of Camp Barnabas and we loved being able to share with the girls where we met and served as young adults! Several old friends were eager to learn about where the Lord is taking us and we are thankful for their support and encouragement! IMG_9514

The last week of June, we spent in AR visiting with my family and longtime friends. From childhood best friends to camp friends, from distant cousins to family friends, we loved getting to meet with people and sharing with them about the work God is calling us to in Romania! It is so encouraging having people you’ve known for the majority of your life affirm the call God has placed on our lives. We are thankful for the playdates, coffee dates, and meals shared with each of you! Thank you for your prayers and support, your love and encouragement. All are needed now and in the months and years to come!

Just in time for 4th of July we headed down to Texas to spend time with more family. It has been a huge blessing to spend time with my brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and everyone else that’s pretty much like family here in Texas. Usually when we pass through it’s quick trips and short visits. This time though, we’ve been able to slow down, enjoy a meal with several of you, and stay up way too late talking late into the night! What a joy to get to know each of you more in a more personal manner and getting to share with each of you our excitement about our upcoming journey.

Thank you, thank you to each of you who have hosted us, shared a meal with us, encouraged us, prayed for us, and loved on us in various ways! We are grateful for your support and love! We know it takes a community of people to send us on to Romania! We are so appreciative of each and every one of you!

From here we will head back to Kansas via the way of Arkansas. We will celebrate baby showers with the church and birthdays with family and hopefully a church picnic or two. We plan on speaking at a few local churches in Kansas and we have several more friends to share with once we get back! A weekend gathering with Brett’s family and one with my family will be treasured moments in August as we continue to say goodbye to those we love!

Please continue to follow along by signing up for update emails at the bottom of the blog. If you have questions please let me know!


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