The Haynes Journeyimg_0053Hello there- if you’re checking out our blog you probably know who we are, but there’s a chance our names, our story have gotten further out than we expected. Maybe you know our family or you found out about us through a friend. And of course you might be curious… “who are these people, anyway?” We are Brett and Alyson Haynes along with our three girls Mikayla, Anna and Lydia!

Our “together” story started at Camp Barnabas. I grew up in Rogers, Arkansas and our church took high school students to volunteer at Camp Barnabas every summer. Brett’s church from Lawrence, KS did the same thing. So although we probably passed by each other at some point in 2002-2003, we really didn’t meet till we were both on staff in the summer of 2004. We were co-staffers and that was about it; until the end of the summer when I asked Brett to cut my hair! Which is about the only memory we have of each other from that summer!

Anyway, we started dating a few years later in the summer of 2008 and we were married in September of 2009! We are so grateful for the seven and half years of marriage the Lord has gifted to us here in Kansas City. Our sweet little house on Hadley has been transformed into a home through lots of work and loads of love throughout the years, thanks to many of you!

Haynes-24Brett’s a man of many interests and has always kept me on my toes with his newest research project, but his biggest hobby has always remained hunting. Over the years it’s been a joy to see God shape his heart for the local church, our neighbors, our children and the nations. Brett has such great discipline…despite late nights at work, he consistently  wakes to run, read, and pray before starting each day. And he always finds time to treasure each of his girls. He lavishes all of us with encouraging words, faithful prayers, and selfless acts of kindness.

Alyson has always loved a good purging/organizing session, but is learning to embrace the mess of a busy household! Marriage and motherhood have been more humbling and more thrilling than expected. Prioritizing time in the Word and intentional conversations are the name of the game despite the busyness of life with littles.

The Lord blessed us with three beautiful daughters all within 2 years so we just jumped into this parenthood gig head first! It’s been a thrilling ride! Mikayla is 4.5 years old and a lover of stuffed animals, swinging, and playing with friends! Anna is 1.5 years old and loves every moment of life, especially getting dirty and taking baths! Lydia is 6 months old and always draws a crowd to smile at!


In the coming months, we’ll say goodbye to Kansas City, goodbye to our little home on Hadley, and “see ya later” to so many wonderful friends in order that we might follow God’s calling on our lives to share the Gospel of Christ to those in Romania! Read the rest of the story here.