You might live in Romania if…

The differences are all starting to become normal, routine, and usual. And that has been my prayer all along. That we would not fight against the things that seem odd, unusual or frustrating. But rather we’d look for the joys and benefits of each little nuisance and be thankful we get to live life experiencing the newness of a different culture. I’m sure there will be more processing in the days/weeks to come, but for now I leave you with a few glimpses into our daily life at home where we’ve spent the majority of our time settling in and adjusting to our new normal!

You might live in Romania if you are thankful for…






              windows/doors that open in two different ways… swing wide or just vent at the top! And yes I love my kitchen and dining room! So, so thankful!!

IMG_9534.JPGsunny days to help the clothes dry faster… if its super sunny, I put the clothes outside, but if it’s super windy they fall on the ground!

IMG_9527toilet flushers that are out of reach of toddlers and a washer in the bathroom makes it convenient to switch the laundry

IMG_9519gates to keep the stray animals out (and we get some extra exercise having to open it each time we leave the house!)

IMG_9465an awesome pile of wood that makes a great background for pictures (thank you Brett for chopping and stacking the majority of that pile! thankful we will be warm this winter)

IMG_9532spices turning into language lessons… just fyi this is caraway and it does not taste as good as cumin when making Mexican food

IMG_9520rose bushes in our front yard (and almost everyone else’s… the girls have already learned not to touch them!)

a deer as a neighbor’s pet that we visit regularly (and have you ever seen a lab and deer play together peacefully? The girls love to say hi to them on our neighborhood walks)

IMG_9526outlet covers to protect your kids from high voltage outlets! (also thankful for a bunch of outlet adapters Brett bought and already had shipped previously)

IMG_9531.JPGfruit trees in your backyard (anyone have tips on how to care for apple, pear, and peach trees?)

                        IMG_9529                                IMG_9530                                                 one family sized hall closet for all of our clothes (makes putting clothes away super easy!)

IMG_9528safety locks for our AWESOME balconies (Anna may have already tried climbing over the rail on the one in their room!)

IMG_9535and last but not least… a room that was already PINK (so thankful the girls had something to look forward to) and it’s still their favorite part of the house!


A field of flowers

Jesus Paid It All (click to play)

This may be my last time (at least for awhile) to get away and write at my special place, the coffee shop! The last minute errands are almost finished, the gift cards are all used up and the days are slipping by. So I break to ponder, to breathe in the coolness of the fall air that brings the changing season. Tears welling up as I anticipate the next week and beyond. For us, life is about to change.

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4 Weeks to Go and 4 Ways to Partner

So here we are… exactly 4 weeks before we are leaving on a jet plane to Romania! “What’s left to do?” you may wonder. “How are you doing?” many have asked. Several of you have offered to help. And most of you simply want an update on where we are emotionally, spiritually, logistically and financially. So that’s what today’s post is about! Just so you don’t miss it… check out our Prayer Calendar!

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A video recap! 

We are so grateful we had the opportunity  to visit so many friends and family over the last month! Watch the video above to catch a glimpse of our travels. I wish we would have remembered to get a picture with everyone! Thank you to all of you showed us love along the way! We are driving back to KC now and will pretty much be there for the next 2 months before we move to Romania!!

Speaking of Romania… our boxes arrived to our new house! Thanks to Nicki and the team over there for getting them to our place! Things are getting real!

On The Road

Here we are driving down the road, Veggie Tales playing in the background and I have a few moments to think about all the people that have loved us and supported us over the years. Our histories span between south Texas to Arkansas, from Kansas around the world and back to Kansas again. Our story began in Missouri and has continued these past several years in Kansas. We’ve got friends and family scattered from east to west and everywhere in between. Pretty much every continent (except Antarctica) is home to a family member or a friend. And here we are visiting several of you on our route from Kansas to south Texas. Some places we’ve stopped for a week and others just a few hours, but we are finding contentment knowing we are with family and friends. Continue reading “On The Road”