A prayer for faithfulness

A wave of gratitude swept over me on Sunday afternoon. There we stood before a congregation of believers and not just any congregation… it was OUR congregation, OUR family of fellow Jesus lovers seeking to make disciples. As we shared about the journey God is leading us on, all eyes were on us and all ears were listening intently. We have such great gratitude for this group of people who have loved us and cared for us so well and continue to do so as we look toward the next chapter of our lives. Continue reading “A prayer for faithfulness”


The Team

Let me introduce our team…

-they are Jesus lovers, cheerful givers, humble helpers, faithful prayer warriors, consistent friends, loving family, encouraging supporters, ministry partners.

-they are learning about Romania, anticipating God’s work in the life of all those involved with this mission, hearing about the life of the gypsies, sharing their hearts for the gospel to go forth, exploring how God wants them to be involved in this ministry, loving people all around them, and asking about the life and culture in Romania.

Continue reading “The Team”

On the Regular

It’s fun getting to know the people behind the writing, right? Many of you probably know me personally as you might be following along to learn about our journey to Romania… but here’s a chance to get to know a little more about our daily life. What are my go-tos? What do I grab when I need ____? And, what do I use every day, on the regular? Let’s just go in order of how I usually start my day: Continue reading “On the Regular”

family funday

Our hearts truly long to spend time as a family. It’s a real treasure. We LOVE going on adventures together. Playing outdoors. Seeing new places. Visiting new parks. Trying new restaurants. Whatever it is… we LOVE doing it together! And so we trust the upcoming months/years will be a joy and our love for each other will continue to grow. Continue reading “family funday”