4 Weeks to Go and 4 Ways to Partner

So here we are… exactly 4 weeks before we are leaving on a jet plane to Romania! “What’s left to do?” you may wonder. “How are you doing?” many have asked. Several of you have offered to help. And most of you simply want an update on where we are emotionally, spiritually, logistically and financially. So that’s what today’s post is about! Just so you don’t miss it… check out our Prayer Calendar!

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The Reward of His Suffering

This post has been stewing for awhile… a long while! The video below has been quite an inspiration to us and we still get teary-eyed when we listen to it! We first watched this several years ago, and then recently Brett reminded me of it and mentioned he had some thoughts stirring in his head. So of course I asked him to write them all out for a blog post! Thanks sweetheart for taking the time to put your thoughts together in order to share with everyone!

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The Team

Let me introduce our team…

-they are Jesus lovers, cheerful givers, humble helpers, faithful prayer warriors, consistent friends, loving family, encouraging supporters, ministry partners.

-they are learning about Romania, anticipating God’s work in the life of all those involved with this mission, hearing about the life of the gypsies, sharing their hearts for the gospel to go forth, exploring how God wants them to be involved in this ministry, loving people all around them, and asking about the life and culture in Romania.

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Belief in Motion in Romania

God is faithful. We have seen his work in our lives as we have prayed for direction over the last several years. In 2011, we really began praying about where God would have us serve long term. We attended a few conferences, chatted with numerous people about different organizations and even visited several options, but never felt completely at peace with any one option. Along the process, we’ve been asked “what people group do you want to live among?” And “is there a country/culture you feel called to?” After a few years of no clear answers to these questions, we were encouraged by our pastor to begin asking the question “what giftings has God equipped you with?” and “what type of setting would you function well in?”

In 2014, our good friend Nicki came home after spending a summer in Romania. She shared with us about the work Belief in Motion is doing to change lives physically and spiritually! Our hearts were drawn to the primary focus of gospel centered relationships along with the empowering work of education, job creation, and faithful compassion among the least of these. Read on to discover a little more about Belief in Motion.

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