Goodbyes are Hard

Goodbyes are Hard. And we find ourselves in a season of goodbyes. Maybe you, too, are in a season of goodbyes? Maybe it’s the last day of school or you just recently graduated? Perhaps you are moving soon. Have you recently lost a loved one or a beloved pet? Maybe you are taking a trip somewhere. Life always brings goodbyes and whether you’re a four year old sad to leave a playdate with friends or whether you’re holding the hand of your grandfather as he passes away… goodbyes are HARD!

And that’s okay!

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Rekindle the Fire

If any of you are like us… life is busy. We always long for more TIME. I’m coming to realize that God has given us the exact amount of time we need. So instead of wishing for more, I’m trying to prioritize the time we have. We can’t create more time, rather God has given us the responsibility to steward our time well. Somehow I just started ranting about time and I digress…

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